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Extended Reach micrO-flute® 1-Flute Thermoplastic Cutters (MP108) - 1/8 in. (0.125") shanks

The "O" flute geometry introduced more than a decade ago is one of the most efficient flute designs for cutting thermoplastics that has yet been invented. With a high rake angle and relatively low helix, O-flute cutters manage to cut acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC and a host of other sheet polymers at very high chiploads without raising a burr or fracturing the edges of the kerf. All of this while leaving a remarkably clean surface finish. The real surprise is that this revolutionary geometry also works incredibly well in wood and aluminum.

With the increasing traction experienced by our micrO-flute end-mills in a variety of markets, we have seen a growing demand for tools that can cut deeper than is possible with conventionally fluted bits (assuming that you don't want them to break if you breathe on them too hard). As with some of our 2 and 3-flute tools, this extended reach is achieved by reducing the diameter of the shank just below the flutes to allow the tool deeper penetration without rubbing against the sidewall of the material being cut. Aspect ratios (reach/diameter) as high as 16:1 are possible, depending on the application and material being cut.


  • Geometry - micrO-flute®, 1-flute, up-cut, center cutting, necked for extended reach
  • Length (OAL) - nominal in. ±0.010 in.
  • Diameter - nominal"±0.0005 in.
  • Shank dia. -
    • 0.1250 in. (3.18 mm) +0.00, -0.0002 in.
  • Max. runout (TIR) - < 0.0005 in.
  • Max. depth of cut -
    • EFL (flute length) varies by diameter ±0.005 in.
    • DOC (depth of cut, reach) varies by diameter ±0.005 in.
  • Material - solid submicrograin carbide
  • Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 20k RPM to 60k RPM
  • High rake, modified "O" style flute optimized for cutting thermoplastics
  • 1-Flute design allows efficient swarf removal under high chiploads
  • Optimized cutting edge geometry designed for burr-free, fractureless profile cutting
  • Reduced shank diameter (neck) extends maximum depth of cut in multi-pass operations
  • Medical fixtures and components
  • Dental and Othrodontic appliances
  • Integrated optical substrates
  • Micro-fluidic control assemblies
  • Interocular lens fabrication
  • Back-lit and Side-lit displays and control panels
Carbide necked micr-O 1-flute deep cutting in softwoods and thermoplastics

Diameter LOC Reach Flutes Shank OAL Depth Rings Reviews Part Number Price
0.0196" (0.50mm) 0.08" (2.03mm) 0.125" (3.18mm) 1 1/8" 1.50" (38.1mm) Available MP108-0196-013FN


0.0313" (0.79mm) 0.13" (3.30mm) 0.160" (4.1mm) 1 1/8" 1.50" (38.1mm) Available MP108-0313-016FN


0.1250" (3.18mm) 0.50" (12.70mm) 1.00" (25.4mm) 1 1/8" 2.00" (50.8mm) Not Available MP108-1250-100FLN


0.1250" (3.18mm) 0.25" (6.35mm) 1.00" (25.4mm) 1 1/8" 2.00" (50.8mm) Not Available MP108-1250-100FN