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SecureBits Cutting Tool Storage System

The reasoning behind the SecureBits Cutting Tool Storage System is very simple. Your carbide end-mills, router bits, drill bits and engravers cost good money and, as such, deserve a good home.

Many of the rotary cutters available today are shipped in cheap, flimsy packaging, most of which ends up in landfills. The cutters end up banging around in a drawer in your tool cabinet, or rolling around on the work surface of your CNC where endless small collisions with other bits gradually destroy the edges of the flutes and tips. Death by a thousand chips.

Premium grade bits, like PreciseBits, are shipped in stronger, impact resistant packs that are far more durable, but are often difficult to open. More than once, I have thrown a $50 router bit across the room while trying to pry apart the packaging.

Designed to be compatible with the Top Pack Express (TPK) single-bit tool packaging family from Rose Plastics, the SecureBits rail provides a robust platform for storing, displaying and accessing your cutters. When properly assembled a fully loaded rail can drop more than 4 meters onto a concrete floor with no damage to the encased cutting tools.

  • Geometry - Extruded AL6063 rail
  • Finish - brushed red anodize
  • Capacity - 9 tool positions (without spacers)
  • Compatibility - supports all major shank sizes from 3mm to 1/2 in.
  • Internal ribs lock the base plugs of single bit packs into the rail, allowing bits to be removed safely and easily
  • Impact resistant tool cases prevent damage from knocks and falls
  • Tool spacing allows access to cutters without touching sharp tips or flutes
  • Compatible with depth setting rings on 3mm, 1/8 in. and 1/4 in. shank tools
  • Tools with multiple shank diameters can be combined into a single set
  • Configuring application specific tool sets:
    • PCB fabrication
    • Luthery
    • Signs, plaques and awards
    • Micro and nano machining
  • Storing premium cutters for easy access
  • Staging tools for multi-bit cutting projects
  • Displaying all your shiny tools to make the neighbors jealous
SecureBits Cutting Tool Base Plugs

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SecureBits cutting tool storage and display kit, 166mm long, red anodize, 2X black end caps, 4x black anodize spacers, 2x Delrin mounting t-nuts..



SecureBits Cutting Tool Storage Rail, 166mm long, hairline brush, red anodize, with laser etched logo ..



SecureBits Rail end-cap with textured finish..



SecureBits Rail spacer, 18 mm long, black anodize..