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FuzzBrush Fray and Wood Hair Removal Tools

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) has revolutionized woodworking and sign making over the past couple of decades. The advent of low-cost CNC router tables has brought this revolution into the home shop, allowing hobbyists to attempt complex constructions that would have previously been unthinkable. In many cases, the level of precision available for a very modest price has allowed many part-time woodworkers to transition from woodworking into highly accurate wood-machining. 3D machining, bas-relief carving and calligraphic sign engraving are all now commonplace in many garage shops.

In spite of all of these advances, the fact remains that, when all the cutting is done, it is still necessary to smooth edges and clean up surfaces before the final staining and finishing can proceed. Unfortunately, for large, complex projects, that clean up step can take longer than all of the preparation, gluing and cutting combined. In the case of detailed 3D carvings, it is virtually impossible to clean up the fine features without resorting to a carbide pick or Xacto® knife to reach where the sandpaper can't.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we developed the FuzzBrush.

  • FuzzBrush
    • 186mm break-resistant plastic handle
    • 100mm long X 30mm dia. anti-fatigue foam rubber grip
    • 20° head angle
    • 14 - 16mm ragged tuft stainless steel bristles
  • FuzzBrush Max
    • 84mm ergonomic wooden handle
    • 19 - 21mm ragged tuft stainless steel bristles
  • Variable bristle length insures efficient debris removal
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel bristles prevents discoloration of light colored woods
  • 20° head angle and foam grip reduce fatigue when cleaning and deburring large projects
  • Removing hair and fuzz from:
    • 3D Bas-relief carvings
    • Engravings
    • Lithophanes
  • Smoothing delicate features in deep relief carvings
  • Removing trapped debris in engraved line art
  • Straightening wood grain prior to staining
FuzzBrush family

DescriptionReviews Part Number Price
FuzzBrush 185mm with 16mm SS bristles and fatigue reducing NPVC foam grip MI00-0050-0000


84mm FuzzBrush Max with 84mm ergonomic wooden handle and with 19 - 22mm SS bristles MI00-0058-0000


FuzzBrush 2 piece set includes 1ea. 84mm wooden handle FuzzBrush Max with and 1ea.185mm plastic handle FuzzBrush original MI00-0059-SET