CNC router bits and carbide cutting tools with tutorials and technical guides

Cutting Tool Tip Styles

Tip style description Used In
Ball-nose Ball end Ball points are characterized by a radially relieved flute geometry that wraps around the tip of the cutter.  Two opposing flutes meet slightly offset, creating a center cutting plunge point.

The cutting profile is a smooth radius, ideal for 3D profile milling where "topo" steps are undesirable.

  • PreciseBIT soft media milling cutters
  • PreciseBIT non-ferrous milling cutters

Drill Point

Drill Point This is a shallow V tip style with a four facet grind.

The tip is shallow so that there is minimal penetration into backing material being used.

The four facet approach ensures low stress plunge cutting.  Efficient material removal ensures longer bit life.

  • PreciseBIT soft media drills
  • PreciseBIT non-ferrous drills
  • UltraBIT 3 flute inlay cutters
  • UltraBIT 2 flute ivory/Horn cutters
  • UltraBIT 5 flute steel rule die cutters
  • UltraBIT 2 flute steel rule die-board contour cutter


radical fish-tail The radical fish-tail point style has a minimum 20°angle that provides effective plunge cuts with a minimum amount of surface fray on the lunge.  This design also eliminates back surface breakout.

The radical fish-tail design produces a rougher bottom cut than a dado style.  This ensures a mechanically active surface for gluing.

  • PreciseBIT soft media milling cutters
  • PreciseBIT non-ferrous milling cutters


shallow fish-tail The shallow fish-tail point style ensures efficient plunging for end cutting.  It combines minimal backside breakout with a smooth dado cutting style.  

This approach provides a smooth finish in metals and plastics.

  • PreciseBIT soft media engraving mills (dado)
  • PreciseBIT non-ferrous engraving mills (dado)
"V" Point Available in 30°, 60°, and 90°.

Designed for engraving letters and line art where you want to see both sides of the cut.

  • PreciseBIT soft media scoring tools
  • PreciseBIT non-ferrous scoring tools


"Y" Point Combines radical fish-tail end cutting with a "Y" shaped cutting profile.

The "Y"  point includes an entry groove and capture slot for steel rule die insertion.

  • UltraBIT steel rule die kerf cutters