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Metal Cutting Fluid Concentrate

PreciseBits cutting fluid is an innovative water miscible vegetable oil designed specifically for today's high production metalworking environment. Designed to mix 10:1 with common tap water, it offers one of the most economical coolant/on the market today.

Although primarily designed for cutting non-ferrous and precious metals, our cutting fluid has also been successfully tested on mild steel, cold rolled steel, various stainless steels and cast iron. Benefits include reduced tool temperature, longer tool life, top surface burr reduction, and improved edge finish.


  • Viscosity: < 1.0 cps (mixed 10:1 with water)
  • Flammability: 2
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS, PDF)
Cutting oil concentrate

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Cutting Oil - water miscible vegetable oil base metalworking fluid - 100ml..