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Tools for Mechanically Milling and Engraving Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)


Think & Tinker / PreciseBits has been involved in the design and manufacture of precision carbide tools for the printed circuit industry for over 40 years. During that time we have developed cutters for use in virtually every aspect of electronic prototyping and production. Our entire family of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication tools and supplies is compatible with

desktop PCB prototyping machines.

Most of our 1/8" shank tools are available with and without depth setting rings added at no charge. Try them out. They are worth their weight in gold.

LPKF and T-Tech users must specify the make and model number of their CNC routers to insure that the rings are properly positioned!
V-tip Trace Isolation Tools 60° trace isolation tool

True spiral 2-flute "V" point mechanical etching bits offer an optimum combination of high resolution cutting and tip strength. The plunge style tip geometry insures reliable copper removal at all isolation widths. Both coated and uncoated bits are available from stock.

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Tapered-stub Trace Isolation Tools 0.010" Tapered stub

These bits feature a flute design that has been fine tuned to insure very efficient debris removal, even at full plunge. Much stronger than a conventional V-tip bit, they cut at higher feed rates, producing a superior edge finish with a longer cutting life. Extensive testing in the field confirm that they outperform V-tip (1-flute and 2-flute) mechanical etching bits in all aspects of trace isolation and copper rubout.

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1mm stub end-mill

Our 2-flute stub end-mills are characterized by low aspect ratio flute geometries insuring low deflection and long bit life at relatively high feed-rates. The precise radial relief reduces burr formation and chattering resulting in smoother, more uniform cutting. Some of the larger diameter stubs are offered with a "rubout" tip that eliminates residual copper dots when "plunge etching" small areas of copperclad.

Carbide diamond-cut and chipbreaker router bits for PCB contouring, PCB depaneling, carbon fiber contouring and composite cutting

Our 6-flute PreciseBIT contour routers have been optimized for machining FR-4 epoxy/glass, phenolic paper, polyamide, and other common PCB substrates.  3-flute, high aspect ratio tools are available for machining more exotic substrates.

Carbide drill bits for composites, PCB copperclad, plastics and thermoplastics

Like all of our cutters, PreciseBIT PCB drills are  made using the finest grade Mitsubishi carbide. Sizes ranging from 0.008 in. (0.2mm) to 0.250 in. (6.35mm) are available from stock. Diameters down to 0.001 in. (25 micron) are available upon request. Slotting drills and high aspect ratio tools are available on a special order basis.

Scoring/Engraving Countersinks Carbide countersink

Unlike conventional countersinks, which are designed solely for plunge cutting, the EM4E8 family of Scoring/Engraving tools can also be used for sign carving, beveling, scoring and engraving.

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FR-4 Copperclad substrate Copperclad

Premium grade 1ounce (33 micron) and half ounce (17 micron) copperclad with fully annealed, electrolytic copper foil. The perfect substrate for the fabrication of both mechanically milled and chemically etched printed circuits.

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Tempered Phenolic Backing Sheets Phenolic Backing Sheet

Backing material is used underneath copperclad substrates during drilling and contour routing operations. The precise degree of tempering creates a high-shear condition as a drill bit exits the bottom of the copperclad and enters the backing sheet. This virtually eliminates the formation of exit burrs, even for large, shallow point bits. Burr-free drilling and routing means less post-processing and more reliable through-hole plating. The composition of the phenolic also acts to cool the drill tip as it penetrates.

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Aluminum Entry Foil Al Entry foil

Tempered B10 lamination grade aluminum entry foil is specially designed the minimize drill tip deflection (dancing) during high-speed drilling operations. The sheet hardness is adjusted to increase shearing forces as a drill bit passes from the entry foil and enters the the top copper layer, totally eliminating entry burr formation.

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ME Lube® Mechanical Etching Coolant / Lubricant ME Lube

ME Lube significantly reduces the formation of potentially hazardous micron and sub-micron sized airborne particulates common when cutting features in PCBs or machining G-10, FR4, carbon fiber or phenolic substrates. The lubricants and surfactants provide cooling and reduce cutting resistance, yielding extended cutter life, reduced burr formation and the minimization of chips and shorts.

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