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Tools for Engraving and 3D Carving

Designed for engraving a wide variety of wood, plastic, brass and aluminum plaques, presentations and awards.

Most of our 1/8" shank tools are available with and without depth setting rings.
Tapered carving tool

The 1/4 in. shank and 1.00 in. depth of cut (DOC) in this tool family are designed for deep machining in large format dimensional signage as well as very detailed carving of architectural components, back-lit lithophanes and other decorative items.

Although the geometry of these tools was optimized for cutting and shaping hardwoods, they are equally at home machining plastics, phenolic composites, unfired ceramics and aluminum.

60° V-tip

Designed specifically for the dimensional signage and egraving markets, our 2-flute solid-carbide "V" cutters feature polished, high-rake cutting edges capable of producing a surface finish suitable for edge-lit transparent signs and plaques.

Edge finishes in HDU, hardwood (maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry...),softwoods, HDPE, POM (acetal) and phenolic composites are typically smooth and free of chatter. High flute volume and precisely shaped ejection paths support high chiploads in a wide variety of sign making substrates. Precise "V" angle formation (±0.2°) permits either single-pass or multi-pass cutting without fear of steps or streaks.

micrO-flute 1-Flute micrO-flute

Combining large flute volumes and high-shear flute geometries, these tools produce clean, flash-free cuts in a variety of thermoplastics. High feed-rates at moderate RPM (12K - 40K) offer significant productivity gains over conventional tooling.

Designed specifically for high-speed cutting of thermoplastics. The fine finish produced by these tools make them the perfect choice for engraving edge-lit signs and contour cutting clear plastic appliques.

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Ball-nose End-mill

The 1/8 in. dia. shank tools in this series have been optimized for single-pass and cleanup cutting in high resolution 3D carving applications where straight side walls are required.

ColletCare® Spindle and Toolholder Cleaner / Lubricant ColletCare spindle and tool-holder cleaner and lubricant

Designed by a corrosion chemist to:
· dissolve varnish and gummy deposits in the spindle bore
· loosen rust
· inhibit corrosion
in spindle bores and on collets and toolholders.

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ME Lube® Mechanical Etching Coolant / Lubricant ME Lube

ME Lube significantly reduces the formation of potentially hazardous micron and sub-micron sized airborne particulates common when cutting features in PCBs or machining G-10, FR4, carbon fiber or phenolic substrates. The lubricants and surfactants provide cooling and reduce cutting resistance, yielding extended cutter life, reduced burr formation and the minimization of chips and shorts.

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