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Manual Spindle Control on the Gerber Profile and Saber CNC Routers

Contributed by; Allain Boyer, Central Die Supplies, Dollard des Ormeaux, QC, Canada


The purpose of this document is to describe a step-by-step procedure to perform periodic cleaning of the Spindle Bore with Think & Tinker ColletCare, while the Gerber Profile Motor is activated and without the presence of a tool holder.

To perform cleaning of the Spindle Motor Inner Bore per the instructions attached to the ColletCare  (>>Reference>>Tutorials>>Spindle Maintenance with ColletCare)

  1.   Remove the tool holder from the Spindle Motor Bore.

  2.    With Spindle motor (and without presence of any tool), select 'ATC Menu' on the keypad.

  3.  Three options will appear.

  4.  Select option 'A' Grab/Release.

  5.  Then select 'Grab'.  This selection will cause the Gerber Profile to operate as if there is a tool in position, permitting the spindle motor to be activated.

  6.  Select 'Motor Warm Up' option.

    1. By activating this option, the spindle motor will turn at 6,000 rpm

    2.  Using the RPM button, increase the spindle motor to 10,000 rpm
        each button/click will increase rpm value by 1,000 rpm)

  7. Perform cleaning of the Spindle Motor Inner Bore per instructions attached to the ColletCare.

  8. When inner spindle maintenance is completed,

    1. Turn off the spindle motor

    2. In ATC menu, select 'Release'

  9. Cleaning maintenance on the outer shell of tool holders can be addressed by using   ColletCare applied on a clean cotton cloth.  Only use a cotton cloth to clean and dry the exterior surface of the tool holder.  Cotton has gentle abrasive properties.

  10. Save the cotton cloth just used with ColletCare by placing it into a small zip-lock plastic bag.

  11. Perform the above procedure at least once a week for optimum performance of your tools.