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3-flute Steel Rule Die Contour Cutter / Alignment Pin Drill (MM3316) Specifications

  • Geometry - 3-flute up-cut,
  • Length - 3.0in OAL  ±0.010 in.
  • Diameter - nominal  +0.0000 -0.0010 in.
  • Runout (TIR) - max 0.0002 in.
  • Max. depth of cut - nominal ±0.020 in.
  • Anticipated Life - depends on material being cut (min 20,000 in. Baltic birch plywood)
  • Material - solid submicrograin carbide
  • Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 1k RPM to 40k RPM


  • High speed cutting
  • Fish tail point eliminates  backside breakout and splintering
  • Flute geometry minimizes topside fuzz and splintering
  • Up-draft chip extraction reduces debris compaction
  • High flute volume supports high feed rates / chip loads
  • Unique flute and tip geometries supports milling and drilling with same tool.
3-flute Contour cutter 


  • Steel rule die contour cutout and registration hole drilling
  • Counter board alignment hole drilling
  • Cabinetry, furniture making
  • Steel rule die blankers and strippers
3-flute countour cutter tip

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