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How long do the UltraBIT SRD kerf cutters really last?

Actually we were wondering the same thing.  Before we started designing these tools, we talked to a number of CNC diemakers and some of the distributors who were supplying the market.  A few things quickly became crystal clear.  The kerf cutters that were available up to that time simply did not last as long or cut as well as advertised.  Chip extraction was spotty and unreliable and excessive deflection sometimes resulted in rule sections that were not square with the die board.  What was needed, we were told, was a tool that would:

  • cut precise, chatter free kerfs
  • remove most, if not all, debris from the kerfs
  • last through multiple production shifts
  • minimize top surface splintering and fuzzing
  • produce kerfs with consistent drag properties over the life of the bit
  • operate at high chip loads (e.g. 1.5 to 2 mils of cut per revolution) with minimum deflection
New SRD Kerf Cutter
New Bit

With the introduction of the UltraBIT SRD Kerf Cutter, PreciseBits has met all of the above requirements at a price less than 80%  of anything else on the market. 

But what about tool life?

The uncoated bit on the left is brand new, right out of the box.  The bit to the right has approximately 12,500 inches of cut in 5/16 in. Baltic birch plywood (70 in./min. @ 40,000 RPM). It was retired when the drag during rule insertion became unacceptably high. When the bit was taken out of service, it was still cutting clean, well defined slots with virtually no top surface fuzzing.

Test data: Harold Nye, Reliable Steel Rule Die of Wisconsin, Racine, WI

Retired SRD Kerf Cutter
Retired bit