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On December 1, 2018, the new Colorado sales tax rules took effect. For more information: Click here.

Adopted Emergency Rules for Sales Tax Collection in Colorado

Colorado Adopts One of the Most

Complicated Sales Tax Collection Policies

in the Nation

On December 1, 2018, a new set of sales/use tax collection protocols (the so-called Adopted Emergency Rules) went into effect for ALL retailers doing business in the state of Colorado.

With regards to online sales, these new rules require that sales taxes be collected based on the Delivery address (the point at which ownership of the merchandise passes from the merchant to the customer) and that ALL applicable taxes (state, county, city and special district(s)) be collected by the merchant as part of the sales transaction. ( Click here for more information)

Although this represents an added burden to all online retailers selling into and within the state, compliance is further complicated by the presence of 71 “self-collecting” home-rule cities within the state that require:

· all businesses selling within their jurisdiction, even if they do NOT have a physical location there, will be required to register with the relevant tax authority and purchase a local business license every 2 years,

· all businesses selling within their jurisdiction will be required to file a separate tax form specific to that jurisdiction as well as file forms for the state, county and special district taxes collected, and

· make payments to each jurisdiction separately.

While many states (e.g. California, Washington …) have created central authorities responsible for the collection of ALL sales and use taxes within the state, whether  originating from sales within the state or from out of state merchants, the elected savants in Denver have refused to do this. Instead, they have created what calls the “… the nation’s most complicated tax rules”.

Long story short, we will not be able to sell into any of the self-collecting home-rule cities until the state of Colorado and said cities create a central authority chartered to collect sales and use taxes for the entire state.

Starting on December 1, 2018, we will not be able to ship to residents of:

Rural Addresses

 If you live in an unincorporated area, even if your postal address is in one of the cities listed above, please contact us. After address validation, we can modify your registered profile so that you can still purchase through this site.

Similarly, if you are buying for a tax exempt organization, and can provide proper documentation of your tax exempt status, please contact us so that we can set up your customer profile to allow purchasing through the website. 

To check the tax status of your shipping address, click here.