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Welcome to Think & Tinker

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Think & Tinker, Ltd., founded in 1990, is a family owned and operated business located on the Palmer Divide in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Under the PreciseBits brand of precision cutting tools, Think & Tinker designs, develops, and manufactures application-specific solid carbide micro-tools for working hardwoods, plastics, metals, and reconstituted minerals:

  • Drill Bits
  • End Mills
  • PCB Router Bits
  • 3D Carving Tools
  • PCB Mechanical Etching Bits

From the beginning, we have strived to deliver outstanding customer service coupled with products of the highest quality.

Our proprietary designs and exacting manufacturing specifications insure that every tool we sell meets or exceeds our customers' needs and expectations. The foundation of our commitment to deliver top-quality tools to our customers is our 100% inspection Quality Control process using state-of-the-art optical measurement systems developed in-house to support both manufacturing and product design. We believe that this is the only way to ensure that we deliver the finest products to customers who demand precise, reliable tools in their applications.

We also believe in service beyond expectations for our customers. This is achieved through extensive on-line tutorials, participation in industry forums, direct one-on-one troubleshooting of cutting related problems, and supporting our customers' efforts to achieve excellence in their own products and services.

Collets and Toolholders
In 2005, to encourage the growth of the emerging low-cost CNC woodworking market, we introduced precision nuts and collets for the most popular consumer grade routers including:

Way Too Cool Idea Award
At the beginning of 2011, a lot of Bosch-Colt routers appeared on the market with bore taper-angles different from units purchased earlier. This change resulted in a LOT of Bosch-Colt PR20EVS routers that were incompatible with our BOPG, BOHG and BOSG nut / collet system. We came up with all kinds of possible ways to address the problem, most of which would cost a LOT of money.

Bill had other ideas. He had way too cool ideas.
Colt fix
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Specialty tools for:
Musical Instruments
Custom Luthier & Musicman
photo courtesy
Todd Reith / Custom Luthier &
Ernie Ball Guitars

Steel Rule Dies

Steel Rule Dieboard
Custom Pool Cues
Richard Black Ivory Crown
photo courtesy Richard Black Custom Cues
Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Board
Signs & 3D Carving
3D Sign
CNC Woodworking &

CNC Tools

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FAX:  866-453-8473
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